Hunting for a Cure - A benefit hunt for St. Jude's presented by Hunting For A Cure Founders Barney and Mike Davison
Presented by Hunting For A Cure Founders Barney and Mike Davison -

Hunter's Stories

My family and I arrived in Savannah Tennessee May 4th, 2007. We were down there on Indian Creek Outfitters property to finish my turkey hunt I had been on over youth season that had been suddenly interrupted. We got down there early afternoon, soon enough to go out and hunt that evening. My guide, Barry, and I went out and sat in a Blind. It rained on and off all afternoon. Shortly after 6:00 PM. Barry said he seen a Tom out in the field we were watching. The bird looked over towards us, seen the jake decoy and came running in. He got to within 15 steps and I blasted his noodle. Both of us flew out of the Blind. Barry, when he went to grab my turkey, got spurred in both his hands, my bird had a 10-1/2" beard, 3/4" spurs and weighted 17.13 pounds.
I'd like to thank both Mike and Barney Davidson for letting me come down there and hunt. Thank You very much!


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